DaisyLu Ranch is a 501(3)c non-profit senior dog rescue and sanctuary located in beautiful Camarillo, CA. We have over two acres of property filled with avocado, citrus, and palm trees. Here our rescued seniors are free to roam and explore as they wish.

Sadly, dogs are abandoned every day at the shelter by their families. Young ones have a chance getting adopted, but the seniors have a much greater challenge of getting out alive.  We at DaisyLu Ranch work to bring these forgotten dogs to our sanctuary, where they can finally get the unconditional love and care they crave and deserve.

Their new home is theirs for the rest of their lives, free from worry about ever being abandoned again. DaisyLu Ranch is their Forever Home.

Toni and Papitas

New Resident, Papitas

Buddy was adopted to a sweet family, their first dog, a senior!!

Sugarplum 16yr old rescued from PalmdaleSugarplum after grooming

Sugarplum rescued from Palmdale.  Before and after photos.

Pack walk with current and former fosters: Toby, Cooper, Precious, Bobby and Lulu

Lulu with Rocky, Sergio and Nina

That’s a lot of dogs in the old house. Now they will have more room to spread out.